AGM 2021


Minutes from last meeting: Read and passed, available upon request.

Matters arising: None brought up.


Report from the chair: 

  • A difficult year, not managed to do some things and meet up in person but managed to do things still, such as the digital Conversation Cafe.
  • Kept tree planting going, three events with the Environmental Agency.
  • Continued to respond to many local campaigns, and contact with local campaigners. Letter writing.
  • Starting to use the COWC office again.
  • Development worker role came into fruition, with thanks to Fiona and Adrienne for the help with the process.
  • Freestall came to the Food and Wellbeing fair, with thanks to Paul C for help with setting up, and at the normal farmer’s market, with thanks to Al for help with setting up.
  • Conversation Cafe was part of the Cumbria Unity Festival with a climate science talk.
  • COP 26 informational leaflets created and now shared widely across the county.
  • Seen an increase in the partnerships of Cumbrian Sustainability Network and Zero Carbon Cumbria Partnership (ZCCP).
  • Training and talks have continued digitally.
  • Starting to build new relationships, such as with the Arts and Culture Network. 
  • Great Big Green Week events will be happening in the lead up to COP 26 and for community action.


Report presentation from Development Worker:

(Including the following information…)

Introduction to role

Usual week to week duties

Case study: Plant and Wellbeing Fair

Case study: Schools Engagement Project

Case study: Big Green Book

Case study: Carlisle Great Big Green Week event(s)

Positive outcomes from the role so far

What lies ahead?

View the presentation report at the following link (click the file name to open in your browser)…

Question and comments:

  • Time and capacity discussion around the Development Worker role.
  • Expansion on the Great Big Green Week event, support level from the council going okay.


Treasures Report: 

  • Things have just been ticking over during lockdown(s).
  • Donations came from regular subscribers still. 
  • Grant income from ZCCP to help with recruitment. 
  • Hadfield Trust funding for the schools engagement project.
  • Regular running costs, now including wages but will be covered by ZCCP.
  • This year looking much more positive than the previous.
  • Capacity for donations was suppressed over the last year but again looking better for next year. 
  • Removing some costs such as the phone line in the office.

All accounts are approved and passed.

Approved and passed to submit these accounts unaudited.


Election of officers:

  • Mark for Treasurer, seconded.
  • Paul C for Chair, seconded.
  • Fiona for Secretary, seconded.

Election of directors:

Henry / Emma / Mark / Toby / Paul C / James / Arthur 



  • Getting the donation button is in progress.
  • General online membership has been growing.
  • Paid membership system to be refined / resolved by treasurer and development worker.


Upcoming events:

  • As aforementioned, Great Big Green Week and COP 26.
  • August Freestall next Saturday, as part of the Farmer’s Market. 
  • CAFS offering free climate training for parish councils and county council staff. Chance to get them trained for free. Information available from
  • Post COP 26 training session possibility. 


Any other business:

  • Cycling matters: Main issue is Waverly Viaduct, Cycle Carlisle are in meeting about things and will be able to update. Closure of a cycle route, the sustrans route into Carlisle from the west. Had a slow protest cycle ride recently to protest this.


Open discussion on ‘What would we all like to achieve in the next year and how should we do that?’

Challenges for the next year…?

Uncertainty from Covid-19 as well as what will happen post COP 26.

New council boundaries issue.

  • Merging of Carlisle, Copeland, Allerdale …the ‘west’ one.
  • Thought this may weaken environmental action as green keen authorities will be in a different area now.
  • Requirement of community and collective action. A group voice and force.
  • Citizen’s Juries… Copeland have done one, so why not Carlisle.
  • There will be a Cumbrian youth climate jury within a few months. As well as lots of youth movement things happening in the county. So this can be a great powerful force for good.
  • Petition for people for during the Great Big Green Week.
  • Engagement with local community centres to chat and see what their issues are.

Action going forward about the Carlisle Climate Coalition. Date to come for a conversation.