Sustainable Carlisle Network (SCN) – as an organisation is still only a few years old, but already we have attracted a number of members with varying and dedicated interests. While the mailing lists / groups below are not formal they provide a loose structure for people (at the moment a handful of people per group) with similar interests to keep in touch using one easily remembered email address. For example, to contact all the members of the funding group simply email:

However, to ensure your email goes straight through you must first subscribe – otherwise it will be held until a moderator approves it. To subscribe to a mailing list just click one of the links below and enter a few simple details. You can unsubscribe at any time.

General Mailing List
To subscribe to the big, General Mailing List (over 500 subscribers) and receive regular email updates click here. Please note that this list is handled differently from the ones below in order to avoid too many emails going out to the whole group.
Link to General Mailing List (again)

SCN Steering Group
The steering group is comprised of the directors of the cooperative, and some of the most active members. It exists to support the project groups and oversee the work of the coordinator.
Link to the subscribe page for the Steering Group Mailing List

SCN Funding Group
The funding group is currently concerned with bringing in funding to help maintain and build SCN.
Link to the subscribe page for the Funding Mailing List

SCN Abundance Group
The abundance group is concerned with food, food sharing and avoiding waste.
Link to the subscribe page for the Abundance Mailing List

Green Skills Group
The Green skills group is concerned with the planning and organisation of the annual Green Skills share in September / October. This year the event is being held in conjunction with CAfS and Cumbria Green Build Festival. Link to the subscribe page for the Green Skills Mailing List

Eco Schools Group
The Eco Schools group is concerned with improving young people’s awareness of environmental and sustainability issues.
Link to the subscribe page for the Eco Schools Mailing List

Energy Group
Energy Group
Link to the subscribe page for the Energy Mailing List

Upcycling Group
If something can’t be re-used or repaired – perhaps it can be upcycled? This group is going to look at how we can link all these creative people in Carlisle and share ideas about saving landfill and creating useful items or works of art in the process.
Link to the subscribe page for the Upcycling Mailing List

Save Waverly Viaduct Group
This is a group that has been actively campaigning to re-open the Waverley viaduct as a pedestrian and/ or cycle route from the North to the South of the city. Here is an aerial picture of the viaduct. There is also a separate website for this group.
Link to the subscribe page for the Save Waverly Viaduct Mailing List

Save Our Forests Group
This is a group that is actively campaigning against the forests sell-off.
Link to the subscribe page for the Forests Mailing List

Diggin’ The Trees (Tree Planting Group)
A tree planting group that planted 2000 trees last winter and is hoping to beat this, this winter! See the new web site – here for tree planting days coming up
Click here to open the DigginTheTrees web site in a new page