Diggin’ The Trees

Diggin’ the Trees is a not-for-profit tree planting group that enables volunteers to plant native trees in Cumbria.

Check out our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Diggin-the-Trees-300966290111307 for lots of tree based inspiration!

The aim of the group is to strengthen community links and empower people to improve their local environment. We are committed to identifying potentially suitable sites for tree planting and promoting the benefits of woodland amongst local landowners.
Our work has far-reaching benefits, beginning with the sociable aspect of the planting days, the subsequent improvement in the environment and eventual value returned to the community.
Anyone and everyone is welcome to join us on our planting days. It’s a chance to get out and exercise, get your hands dirty, enjoy nature and meet new like-minded people who care about our natural world! 

Engage children and your family with trees with this activity pack created by SC : https://www.sustainablecarlisle.org/national-tree-week-activity-pack