Objecting to the Rockcliffe Incinerator and Heathlands Pyrolysis Permit Applications

Email EnvironmentalHealth@cumberland.gov.uk and ask to see these permit applications. Ask why the Council has not published them on their website. Ask for an electronic copy. If you receive an electronic copy, please send it to us at waste@sustainablecarlisle.org. The Council is likely to say the documents can be viewed by appointment at the Civic Centre. Either arrange to see the documents at a time convenient to you, or, if this is not convenient, ask for another way to view the documents. If you cannot get to the Civic Centre because of disability, work or family commitments, distance or cost, ask why you are being discriminated against. With access so limited, ask for an extension to the time to comment (the Council is currently saying end of July 2024).

Email EnvironmentalHealth@cumberland.gov.uk with your objections. These need to be for permitting reasons. We will know more when we see the documents, but from the Rockcliffe incinerator planning documents, we expect objections to the Rockcliffe permit could include:

  • the cumulative modelling uncertainty has not been quantified so the assessment is not robust
  • the proposal would harm human health and would harm the environment. The height of the stack would not safeguard human health and the environment
  • pollution has not been minimised
  • the permit application should consider an Environmental Impact Assessment but no Environmental Impact Assessment has been carried out
  • the large volume of process condensate produced would be contrary to regulations that require residues to be minimised

We will update this page when we know more.