The Big Picture

The Big Picture is an ongoing mixed media project by Sustainable Carlisle to promote the implementation of existing and working strategies to tackle the challenges of the Climate Crisis including Climate Justice and the cost of living Crisis. We wish to see these ideas developed in our own city and beyond.

By developing a wider understanding and consensus of how we can build a better future, we want to challenge the ‘business as usual’, profit driven model that has pushed us into the perilous position we find ourselves today.

That model continues to try and protect its own interests before those of our populations and biodiversity and we want to promote, support and encourage the many positive changes that are part of true, people-centred solutions.

The Big Picture includes amongst others…..
– Long-term, green sustainable jobs in the the emerging energy, transport, farming and building sectors and the infrastructure and training opportunities to support them including a training hub.
– Insulation of existing housing stock and higher energy standards for future developments.
– Investment moved from fossil fuels to renewable energies
– The development of community owned energy generation and distribution projects.
– More urgent development of walking and cycling infrastructure
– Better, community-run bus services focussed on people not profit and cleaner air especially for our children and aged.
– Investment in car sharing, working from home and shorter working week schemes to help reduce killer pollution and enhance our living environment.
– The establishment of ongoing People’s Assemblies and Participatory. – Budgeting to deepen our democracy and increase local participation and accountability.
– Greater protection of our biodiversity upon which we hugely depend
– Improved systems for reducing consumption and dealing with our waste safely.
– Reduce our use and investment in unnecessary plastics.
– Moving away from industrial, chemical based farming to proven regenerative models.
– We hope we can all come together to realise these ideas and improve our current world and that for future generations.