Carlisle is fast becoming a waste city and this must stop.

Dear Resident,

Council Plans to Give Its Own Company Retrospective Permission for a Plant Aiming to Feed Incinerator

I’d like to update you on plans for a Refuse Derived Fuel plant at Hespin Wood. Many residents objected to this plant back in 2018.  We now know that Cumbria Waste Management Ltd said as far back as 2017 that the plant would “primarily aim to cater for” the Carlisle incinerator.  We understand the company, which is ultimately owned by Cumbria County Council, has said the fuel is not destined for the Carlisle incinerator and, at a meeting with Cumbria County Council planning officers in 2018, Cumbria County Council were insistent that the Hespin Wood plant was not linked to the incinerator.  However, we now have evidence of Cumbria Waste Management Ltd’s stated intentions and Cumbria County Council’s knowledge of those intentions.

Cumbria County Council’s own company did not comply with Cumbria County Council planning conditions, so the original planning permission for this plant expired.  The Council’s company now has a building that it shouldn’t have constructed and the Council wants to grant its own company retrospective planning permission.

Please oppose this.  It is outrageous that the Council should grant the Council’s own company retrospective approval for an unnecessary facility that has been constructed in breach of planning regulations, that is not in accordance with the County Council’s Local Plan, and that has a stated primary aim to send waste to an incinerator that the Council should not have approved. Is there no end to the Council’s planning debacle on incinerator-related planning matters?

There are many planning reasons to oppose this plant.  Use the attached template if you would like to.  Better still would be to write something in your own words.  Your objection should raise matters that are planning considerations such as those on the template.  There is also a Supporting Information document attached for those who want more details.

Send objections to:
cc: 11 October 2022.  You must include your full name and address.  Also include the planning references (“1/18/9006 as amended by 1/21/9004”)..

Thanks for your help.