Here on this page you will find information about COP 26, and what is going on in Carlisle in the lead up and during the Conference of the Parties happening in Glasgow, November 2021.

Official COP 26 website:

First of all, you can read all about what is COP 26 and why it is important in this digital leaflet, click on an image to enlarge.

Schedule of COP 26.

Carlisle took part in the ‘global day for climate justice’ during COP 26 with a brilliant climate rally in the city centre. Despite the full force of the elements there was a fantastic turn out, with a diverse mix of speakers and music. Speakers from the community spoke out about topics such as addressing disabilities and the climate crisis, through education, and tackling climate jobs. Singers, musicians and a choir kept spirits high with climate themed songs.

Here are some pictures from Carlisle’s climate rally as part of the global day of action.

Pre-COP 26 events in Carlisle

Here are some pictures of the many fantastic events that took place within Carlisle in the lead up to COP 26. From polar bears to red rebels, there was a great mix of different groups who were making their way through the British Isles, by way of Carlisle, to Glasgow for COP 26.

A big shout out to many of our wonderful volunteers for helping organise and getting involved with these events. Credit also to these volunteers for these photographs.

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Video of the red rebels in Carlisle train station

Like the Climate Crisis, our social, economic and political system is human-made. As such, it can be remade. By us!

Despite years of talks and targets, greenhouse gas emissions continue to grow, our natural world continues to be destroyed by development, and investment  still flows  into the very industries which cause the problem, instead of into the many green jobs we need to solve it.

Climate Justice recognises:

  • the need for us to come together 
  • our current systems are no longer working for us
  • climate crisis is affecting people now, in Cumbria as well as across the globe.
  • it is the Global South and the poorest in the world that have             contributed least but are being affected most by the Climate Crisis 

We can change this. We all have a voice and a part to play.

Especially our young people.

Please come along. This event is for you. This event is for us all.

#We MakeTomorrow



You can also find a schedule of what is happening in Carlisle as part of the September newsletter available here:

One of the fantastic groups who will be passing through Carlisle are hosting a free quiz in Denton Holme with an environmental spin!

Where: Vineyard Hub (next to Rebike) Denton St. Denton Holme, CA2 5DU
Date & Time: 7.30pm Sat 30th October

Walk2COP26 walkers will be passing through Carlisle on Monday 25th. Go to their website to find out more…

On Saturday 23rd October Clarion the Polar will be in Carlisle, and walking onto Cargo. Find out more at the following website…