Activity Packs

Sustainable Carlisle are delighted to introduce and launch our activity packs!

These activity packs aim to teach children and young people about environmentalism in a creative and enjoyable manner.

There are three different packs suited for varying levels of experience and knowledge, which ensures everyone will be able to find something that interests them.

Read on to learn more and download your packs!

Pack 1 ”Bronze” : For those who are starting to explore the world and play in nature. Fun and creative, this pack will set it’s participants up for learning about the fundamentals of the climate crisis.

Pack 2 “Silver”: For those who want to learn more on how to help with the climate crisis and have their voice heard. Positive and empowering, this pack will help it’s participants feel like they can make a difference.

Pack 3 “Gold”: For those who want to know more in depth issues around the climate crisis and how to campaign as a young activist. Full to the brim, this pack will ensure it’s participants will feel confident in their activism.

Here are some images and snippets from the packs! (Click an image to enlarge)