Building a Sustainable Network

‘Stiffen the Sinew, Burnish the pride, the long ride awaits’

Other than planting trees,  The Climate Emergency is best confronted by communities working together creatively to make the most of their resources and supporting each other. Be that growing some of their own food, in community gardens,  sharing resources through a Free Stall or a Repair Cafe { We wish we’d thought of that one }or sharing your time by volunteering. Carlisle is home to a host of projects and people who share many of the aims of Sustainable Carlisle. This networking project aims to bring people together to work on what the city of Carlisle needs to make it a fairer, better, more sustainable place to live, especially for people facing issues such as poverty, isolation and other barriers to their wellbeing.

This new initiative will see our community organiser speaking to the people of Carlisle to hear from them what they think the area needs to make it a better, more sustainable place to live. She would like to speak to any interested individuals or organisations who would want to share their thoughts or get involved. If you’ve got any ideas for a new project we hope we could support you to get that off the ground.