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Co Housing Can Save Your Life

Dugnad, is a Norwegian term for voluntary work done as a community or collective. Some volunteering is a necessary part of participating in a co housing project, it can seem daunting to us brought up in the UK, with its focus on the nuclear family, but can bring the rewards of mutual aid.  Voluntary members will be encouraged help, each other where possible build clubhouses, or with any necessary work for families in need of help and the individual. The tradition of Dugnad can be traced back to rural communities of the 14th and 15th centuries, and can be the glue to keep communities functioning

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Herbert Giraret’s Schumacher Briefing, ‘Creating Sustainable Cities’, describes the sustainable city as a place, “Organised so as to enable all its citizens to meet their own needs and to enhance their well being without damaging the natural world, or endangering the living conditions of other people, now or in the future.” A fine aim but a difficult square to circle…..{?}

A group of concerned citizens in varying housing need, have come together to develop a Co Housing project to develop a model of permanent affordable housing We are hoping to base our development around a Land Project … Horticulture or small farm. One of the challenges is how can we integrate regenerative design into development of new settlements

We have held a number of public events and are in discussion with The City Council and interested parties we are open to new members and are keen for people with affordable housing needs to come along to our meetings