Once Upon a Planet

Sustainable Carlisle are proud to have contributed towards Once Upon A Planet, a fantastic major interactive exhibition at Tullie House, along with lots of great organisations and a young advisors group.

Once Upon A Planet opens Saturday 25th June 2022 with many creative activities suitable for all ages.

We have largely been focusing on the Call to Action area of the exhibition which endeavours to be an empowering finale that will inspire visitors to become ‘active citizens’ and help create systematic change, not climate change!

The exhibition will feature interactive elements, including being able to have your say with our ‘map of change’ where you are invited to contribute ideas and actions on how we can better our city for all. 

We have further contributions such as ideas for helping local habitats, interviews of local eco champions and active citizenship information.  

Once Upon a Planet will also focus on diversity, extinction and carbon cycles along with some other fun surprises working in conjunction with a variety of other organisations. 

We at Sustainable Carlisle are excited to collaborate with Tullie House and to see such an important issue being addressed in Carlisle. 

Pictures from the launch evening and some of our work in the call to action area. (click to enlarge a picture)

Pictures from around the exhibition space.

Above is the Active Citizenship video we co-created with Tullie House. The video features some amazing humans doing some great things through action, advocacy, campaigning and being an active citizen.

The video is in the call to action area of the Once Upon A Planet exhibition at Tullie, and endeavours to inspire and give a sense of hope and empowerment through these positive stories.