Hopeful Habitat Hints

> Flower Power!

> Make some space in your garden to plant wildflowers for bees and to look cool and colourful! Check out www.plantlife.org.uk

> Put an insect hotel and a bird box in your garden. www.rspb.org.uk

> Say farewell to fertilisers! They kill much needed insects and life and can disrupt the food chain.

> Put a micro pond in your garden!

> Plant trees! Lookout for local tree planting projects such as Diggin the Trees (on Facebook).

> Get advice on planting your own tree in your garden at www.rhs.org.uk

> Check out the Woodland Trust… www.woodlandtrust.org.uk

> For all things tree related!

> Keep your environment clean and reduce plastic pollution. Check out the City to Sea refill scheme at www.citytosea.org.uk and surfers against sewage at www.sas.org.uk

> Download the Bugs Matter app to understand insect numbers at www.buglife.org.uk

> Improve air quality (and our own health and wildlife health!) by leaving the car and cycling and walking more. You can get your bike serviced or even borrow one at Carlisle Community Cycle Hub! See www.carlislecyclehub.org

> Visit parks! The more people that visit parks the more funding the parks can get to carry out improvements!

> Enjoy and protect nature!