Active Citizenship

We at Sustainable Carlisle are passionate about empowering people to make the journey from passive consumer to active citizen.

Ways of being an active citizen…

Stay up to date on local issues and climate change

Volunteer in your community 

Share your ideas and spark debate

Use your voting rights

Consider our privilege and make space for others

Enjoy other cultures when you can

Support local businesses and local farms

Watch your own ecological footprint

Take matters into your own hands

Join school councils, youth organisations, green groups

Buy less stuff and give more of you

Share stuff! Upcycle, recycle and repair stuff you have already got!

Open social media channels

Write to your local MP and councillors to demand better!

Think critically

Start petitions!

Have fun!

Get heard by the folk who make decisions about your life!

Sign up for the six lifestyle change pledges at the Jump! (