Aims and Objectives


As a group we take our vision statement to be the starting point for our Aims:-

‘We are a network of people and projects in Carlisle, that want to make our city more sustainable for ourselves and for following generations. We wish to help create a peaceful, vibrant, resilient future based on common sense, ecological wisdom and social justice.’

This statement can be viewed as a model of how we want the group to work, but it is at such a high abstract level that it is more like a feeling of what we would like to happen than a concrete pointer to what to do to implement it.

After a lot of effort and discussion a concensus has been reached that the SCN’s Aims are as described in the text that follows. This covers the top two levels of Aims and Strategies that generically describe and specify a framework that encapsulates what SCN’s Projects should be designed to achieve.

Download SCN Aims & Strategies (PDF) here>