Example Objection to Hespin Wood Waste Plant Extensions

Email to: MWPlanning@Cumberland.gov.uk

Or post to: Jayne Petersen, Minerals & Waste Planning, County Hall, Busher Walk, Kendal, LA9 4RQ

OBJECTION to Planning Amendments for Hespin Wood:

1/24/9002, 1/24/9003, 1/24/9004,
1/24/9005, 1/24/9006, 1/24/9007.

I OBJECT to making these Hespin Wood waste plants permanent.

According to the Cumbria Minerals and Waste Local Plan, Hespin Wood is a landfill site which must be restored when it closes. It is not an industrial estate.

We need a waste strategy that is fit for purpose:

  • a strategy decided with us, not imposed on us
  • a strategy that protects our health
  • a strategy that protects our environment
  • a strategy that is fully consistent with waste reduction and climate goals

Strategy first. No piecemeal extensions.

Please acknowledge receipt of this objection.